Slumming it in America!

Okay so now I would like to talk about a movie that has basically caused an uproar in India and among Indians throughout the world. I by profession am considered a consultant on all things Indian. The food, the culture, the language etc. I have lived for most of my life in India and then moved and adopted America as my home country. I love both. Taking the best of each I have molded myself and now mold my daughter in the same fashion.

Vikas Swarup’s novel, Q & A, which later on got adapted into a movie called Slumdog Millionaire has caused much tension among Indians. Decidedly it has split many down the middle. Some are thrilled with its success, winning Golden Globes and Oscars! But then others are churlish and critical about the very film! Then there are still others who resent the fact that Indians abroad are taking much pride in this portrayal of one of their beloved cities.
What do I think? I am not blind to the negative factors of both India or America and their cities. However, I chose to go beyond that and focus on what is most important about those cities. Their people.

What made the movie for me was the wonderful characters (for the most part) that are in it. I speak of the two main characters, played by different children through different stages of their life. They made me laugh and made me cry. I saw myself in them as a child and then as an adult! I still remember walking into those slums about 20 years ago while doing social work. Instead of me ministering to these downtrodden, they blessed me. With their generosity, friendly and engaging conversations, and their hospitality. You do not have to live in a palace to show it off. These people take pride in where they live just as I take pride in where I live.

They take pride in who they are. I take pride in them.


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Music is my other love!

I love music ..what else can I say? I love multi-cultural music…from the fast paced Bollywood songs, to the Rai sounds of Cheb Mami to Sting! Then there is Jazz…and Blues…such as Taj Mahal. I like interesting music …such as Raghu Dixit…besides his most famous song, Hey Bhagwan…I like…I am in Mumbai waiting for a miracle

I grew up in Mumbai…and let me demystify somethings right away…I grew up loving Bill Haley and the Comets…The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. And no I did not listen to Bollywood music…I only listened to Western musicians…I have friends in Mumbai who know more about these musicians and their bios than most people here in the US!

My love of Indian music was developed after I turned 40. Call it middle age…or call it a crisis!! No problem! I love it…..especially music videos made in India….songs from Bollywood. i love Sufi rock! Love Kailash Kher! He is absolutely fabulous…

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India Haute Couture

This is my favorite!
Sabyasachi’s eye for traditional and his idea of grounding his fashion sense deep into Indian tradition is fantastic!
Eye Candy – Indian style!

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Hello world!

Now that I have been successfully blogging on other sites it is with much excitement that I join the WordPress community.  As a single mom that is juggling three jobs and a four year old, blogging is my release!  Where do I find the time?  They say if you are busy you always have the time to add one more task to your schedule.

My blogs will be centered mostly around life.  Life as an Desi born confused American! DBCA is what I term it. As opposed to American Born Confused Desi.  Desi meaning Indian countryman! or woman!

I am primarily a linguist – my work consists of writing content both in English and Hindi.  I love it!  I get to explain not only the language but also how it is used as a tool of communication with all its cultural nuances and hidden meanings.

I also dabble in design – interiors mostly of the South Asian variety. Love decorating kids’ rooms, what else!  And that too on a dime! or should I say a paisa!  My daughter is my assistant – very opinionated as only a four year old can be in a good way…strong in her tastes and dislikes.  What a partner!

Besides design, language and culture I also am a foodie!  Love sampling different kinds of food from all over the world!

So would love to see you visit my blog again!  There will be pictures and videos in the future!

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